Home Learning

Remote Education Provision

The information in the document below is intended to provide clarity and transparency to pupils, parents and carers about what to expect from remote education for pupils studying from home.

Live Online Sessions

If your child is at home in term time due to Covid-19, and they are well enough to work, you can access home learning through BGfL 365 which can be accessed below help continue their education. The associated guide takes you through the steps to log into the BGfL 365 website and access the work. There are also guides for how to upload your child’s work and use J2PDF if you are unable to print any of the work for your child.

Once you have confirmed that you accept our Remote Learning Policy and you and your child will follow the online etiquette, your child will be added to the channels to be invited to worship and their class’s sessions.  This guide explains how you can join our live assemblies to worship if your child is isolating at home, or to watch them receive certificates or birthday candles when they are in school.   You can join live teaching sessions (when available) in the same way.

If a whole class bubble is isolating or if we enter a local lockdown where school is asked to close to most pupils:

We will provide a mixture of live online teaching sessions, worship and work set to complete at home. This will be by live video meeting held using Teams and shared files. Both can be accessed on BGFL 365 using the child’s login details. If access to this is not possible we will use email or post to send copies of work set.

If your child’s bubble in school is still open, but your child is unable to attend, because they are isolating:

We will provide work which the rest of the class are completing in school through shared files on BGFL 365 and your child can also join us through Teams for worship. If access to this is not possible we will use email or post to send copies of work set.

If you would like to use video lessons with your child, there are daily lessons provided by The National Oak Academy which can be accessed below. Your child’s class teacher can give you advice about which lessons will fit in with the learning in school.

Live Online Session Etiquette

  • Online teaching will take place via Microsoft Teams. Each child has been provided with an individual username and password. Parents should ensure this is kept secure and not shared.
  • Online teaching will always take place in groups. There will be no 1:1 sessions.
  • Please make sure an adult is present in the room while the session takes place. They do not need to be in view of the screen.
  • Staff and children must wear suitable clothing. School uniform is not expected but no pyjamas please.
  • Any computers used should be in appropriate areas, for example not bedrooms, and care should be taken to ensure that what is visible in the background is appropriate for all to see.
  • Language must be professional and appropriate, including of family members in the background.
  • When the children log on they may have a few minutes to say hello to their friends, but must stay on ‘mute’ when asked so that the session can begin.
  • Staff may share their screen with children, they may ask the children to answer a question by using the chat function.
  • All teams meetings will be recorded for safeguarding reasons, the head teacher will have access to all sessions.
  • Taking photographs, screenshots or recording of the live sessions is not permitted.

How to help your child

The Government guidance ;Help primary children continue their education during coronavirus’ (updated 16 July 2020) states that the best way to help children aged 4 to 7 learn is to:

  • sit with them as they work;
  • do active and practical things, rather than trying to make them sit and listen for long periods;
  • try to break down the work into shorter periods, based on how long they can concentrate;
  • take frequent breaks;
  • praise or reward them when they do well.

We recognise that due to the age of our pupils, many activities, including those we provide for in-school learning are of a practical and play based nature and that children often need adult support to complete their tasks.

We know that each child’s needs and each family’s circumstances will be unique. Therefore the tasks we provide for at-home learning are a suggestion for parents to use. Class teachers will be available to discuss each child’s specific learning priorities, and offer other help and support if parents request this.


We recognise that with increased uses of digital devices, children may be more at risk from dangers online including viewing inappropriate content, having contact with inappropriate people and be at risk from experiencing or acting themselves with poor conduct.

We recommend parents ask their child regularly:

  • Where they are going and what they see? – this will help talk about content risk.
  • What they do online? – this will help understand any conduct risks and see whether children are chatting on anonymous sites or posting comments about themselves.
  • Who they are talking to? – this will help cover the contact risks, particularly if children’s online friends are people they do not know offline.

Guidance on keeping children safe online is available below. Children of an infant school age should be supervised by and adult when accessing the internet.