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Some Comments from Parents

The school has a very nurturing environment and both my children have been very happy and settled there.

My child seems very happy and settled at school.

Constant support to the children, caring and nurturing at all times, allow the children to feel all their emotions and work it through with them.

They teach good manners and to be kind.

News letter is great. The workshops are brilliant, really nice to see the children at school and do something with them. All the staff are friendly, approachable and helpful.

There are lots of lovely and friendly staff. Great facilities, great outdoor spaces.

Centre education around the specific needs of the child.

Helping the children to be the best they can be. Communication with parents is excellent.

Gently demonstrate Christian values.

My child has made a lot of good friends and the balance between academic performance and personal development is good.

Looking after the children’s well-being, dealing sensitively with SEN, encouraging the children to respect and take care of each other, overall education materials.

It sounds silly but i love how you are a very child orientated school.

I think the school creates a lovely environment for the children. I think the weekly newsletters are great to give parents an idea of activities in the classroom and there are some lovely plans in the lead up till Christmas. The children seem happy at school and I think the teachers really care about them.

Encouraging those who are struggling.

We appreciate the strong Christian ethos at school including Christian members of staff. Our child is so enthusiastic about school and tells us what he has been learning. The staff are good at their jobs, kind and approachable.

I love how the school really nurtures the children. Giving them cuddles when they are upset and making celebrations like birthdays and Christmas special!
As a parent I also really love the Sway and the graduated start time in the morning.

My child is in year one and i’ve been nothing but impressed with the school overall. Communication is super and my child is happy.

All staff are happy and welcoming and go above and beyond to help and educate the children.

Genuine care for the children. Managing behaviour, both good and bad. Informal conversations in classrooms about issues happening in the class. Assemblies. Teaching about Jesus.

Pastoral care, valuing the needs of all children, encouraging faith and spirituality, loving our children so well, excellent teaching and a challenging environment to learn in.

There is a strong ethos within the school which is fed through everything they do. Staff are friendly and approachable. Children are valued, listened to and opinions respected.

Everything. Especially the care for each child.

All the staff we have come into contact with have been approachable, friendly and caring. Everyone listens well and is proactive. There is a lovely warm ethos. I feel privileged my son can go to school here.

Sharing information about the phonics and reading. The weekly newsletter is super informative and communication with the parents is fantastic.

Fun way of learning and making school fun but educational and introducing rules to thrive in the world.

Staff are fantastic. Feel like I can talk to them about anything, ask questions, and frequently get feedback (both positive and negative to help reward and inform of issues to be dealt with straight away).

Care so well for each individual child and encourage them whatever their needs are. Communicate well with us. Approachable and friendly. Christian values at the centre of everything.

The newsletters are now really informative about what each year group is doing and which allows parents to help their children and support their learning. Communication is good.

Think with regards to the pupils who have needs under the SENCO they are well catered for and school works hard in order to give them attention that they need and also realise that they aren’t going to be perfect 24/7 but work hard to make them feel as normal as part of the class as much as possible. Thank you.

Communication with my sons teacher has been brilliant this year. We really appreciate the mental health side talks/activities you do within the school!

Parent View Results 2022/23

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