School Council

Our School Council consists of 18 members: two children from each class in school.

During the Autumn Term, all children are invited to take part in our School Council elections. We hold these elections democratically using the polling station equipment from the real elections. Democracy is a Fundamental British Value.

Our class representatives attend School Council Meetings where areas for development and new projects are discussed.

Some projects our school council have been involved in recently:

  • We thought about which charity we should support with our Nativity Play collections and voted to support Shelter, the charity for homeless people.
  • We showed Mrs Smith how to make the playground safer by creating zones for different types of play.
  • We asked our classes which Wellbeing Wednesday clubs they enjoyed the best and which new clubs they would like for 2023/24.
  • We chose new things for the playground such as a mud kitchen, bikes for two people and the adventure den.
  • We asked our classes which Bible story best represented our school – they voted for the story of The Good Samaritan.
  • We told Mrs Smith that our friends said that people drove to fast and didn’t park safely around the school.  We helped the PCSOs judge our road safety poster competition and chose new police officer bollards to make our roads safer.
  • We told Mrs Smith that we needed a “hungry colour monster” in our classrooms and on the teachers’ lanyards.
  • We wanted to spread Christmas cheer so we helped choose a winning “Home for Christmas” design for the widow of Dixons in Northfield.
  • We helped load up the gifts to send to Birmingham City Mission, for children who wont get much at Christmas time.
  • We helped B30 foodbank to deliver the Harvest collection.
UNCRC Article 12 - Respect for Children's Views

As a Rights Respecting School, we uphold children's right to have a say in things that affect them with our School Council