School Day

At the beginning of the school day a bell will be rung at 8.45am and the doors opened so that the children can come calmly into school.

Registers are taken at 8.55am.  

Key StageSessionTimes
EYFS (Reception)Morning8.55am to 12.15pm
Afternoon1.05 to 3.05pm
KS1 (Years 1 and 2)Morning8.55am to 12.30pm
Afternoon1.20 to 3.10pm

At the end of the day staff hand over the children to their parents in the playground. Children are not allowed to leave the site unless a parent or other known adult (18 years or over) is there to collect them.

Note (July 2022): We are currently reviewing our timings of the school day in order to be compliant with the government required 32.5hrs per week announced in the Green Paper.  Following parental and staff consultation and governing board approval, these timings may be altered during the 2023/23 academic year. We will give parents at least half a term notice of any changes.