Our Bible Story

The Good Samaritan

The Bible passage which our children chose as best representing our school and our values is that of ‘The Good Samaritan’ (Luke 10: 25-37)

Our children liked the way that we learn about God and life through Jesus the teacher telling us parables. Jesus was asked what it means to “Love God and love your Neighbour as yourself.” The parable he told to explain it is ‘The Good Samaritan’. It illustrates the values of our school.

The parable shows us that we can show love like the kind stranger by caring for someone in need. It shows us that discrimination or being a bystander is never okay.  The kind stranger and the injured man were supposed to be enemies. Jesus challenges us to love each other, even when it is hard to do.

Our Bible Story helps us understand why our curriculum drivers are so important:


We love to learn new things, just like the followers of Jesus who were curious and asked him questions to help them understand.


We love life: All life is precious. The Good Samaritan saved the Jewish man’s life. Jesus came so we can have ‘Life in all its fullness.’ We can honour this by developing the talents God has given us, and developing our relationship with God. The Good Samaritan showed care and compassion as we do for each other by helping, being kind and putting things right when they go wrong.


We love each other as ourselves: the parable teaches us that we shouldn’t let someone’s background, lifestyle or what we think we know about them change how we treat them. . We speak up for what is right. We don’t want to be like the first two passers by in the story. We forgive each other and we like do small things that make a big difference. These things help make our school community be a happy place to belong.


Jesus was creative in making up stories to help explain about God in a simple way. We embrace our own imagination in our learning and play as we recognise we have been “made in the image” of our Creator God.


Jesus was a great communicator: people travelled to listen to him speak. We learn to communicate our values, feelings and beliefs by speaking, writing and with our actions.