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I came across your site by accident and was very pleasantly surprised to see the school was still in existence. I was a pupil here between 1955 and 1958 in the time of the Rev. Penny. I remember quite clearly that we moved the top class to a new site in Bunbury Road in 1958, although the new site was in no way finished. The school was always excellent and it seems those standards continue to this day despite some 61 years having passed.

Rating: Excellent

David Houghton

11 Sep 2019

I used to be a Pupil at this school from 2006 to 2008. I loved being at this school and think the teachers do a great job.

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29 Apr 2019

I attended the school in the early eighties . I love the covering on the piano. It doesn’t seem to have changed!

Rating: Excellent

Lesley Butterwick

30 Jul 2014

I came along as a parent to the Reception Sports Day today. I was so impressed by the well organised games, the enthusiasm of the staff and children and the friendly encouraging atmosphere. I wish my school sports day had been like this! Well done all of you.

Rating: Excellent

Claire Butler

09 Jul 2014

I was a pupil at St. Laurence 1956-1962, Mr. Penny was head and my favourite teacher Mrs. Mann. My children attended in the 80’s. Could you let me know more info on your upcoming celebrations. Thank you.

Rating: Excellent

Ann Wilkins

04 May 2014

I visited your delightful school today, I was so impressed with the childrens behaviour and the wonderful staff. Thank you so much for a brilliant day.

Rating: Excellent

Shabana Minhas

12 Jan 2012

Excellent website. Very informative, easy to navigate and up to date.

Rating: Excellent

Shelley Foster

06 Sep 2011

Very good website, lovely and colourful with plenty of information.

Rating: Excellent

Rebecca Davenport

17 Jul 2011